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Satanic Weddings

Black Mass Ritual Wedding Package (NOVEMBER - SEPTEMBER)

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To book a Satanic Wedding Consultation for your Elopement Ceremony, schedule with Director of Weddings, Ada King at the Calendly link here.


This includes a one-hour venue rental, a full Black Mass performed by your Minister followed by a 15 minute vow ceremony with the couple and their officiant.

The Black Mass wedding ceremony turns the traditional wedding mass on its head while maintaining deep spiritual meaning and elaborate ritual. The Black Mass is an important ceremony that holds profound religious meaning to many Satanists and incorporating this tradition into your wedding will accentuate your special day with the right amount of pomp and religiosity.

This ceremony will include a Black Mass, wedding collaborative vows, a brief ceremony, an officiant signing a marriage license and a quick photo on the couples phone if they would like. All ceremonies are fully customizable and you have the option to add an additional ritual of choice, floral, bud bar, catering or beverage service as well. *These are separate from the package and have additional costs & fees associated.


Couples may consider making their wedding night luxurious by staying in our Wedding Suite. The price listed is a base price before the suite.


Before purchasing this ceremony, schedule a wedding consultation to discuss your ceremony, how you will work with your Minister of Satan and learn more about how we can create a wedding unique to your relationship that is limited only by imagination.

Purchasing this ceremony does not guarantee that you will be able to hold your ceremony on your requested date. Purchasing this ceremony and meeting with us is the only way to confirm your ceremony date is reserved.


If you and your partner end up requiring a refund for any reason, Salem Art Gallery will be happy to refund you 50% of your total payment to us as needed. We will require a non-refundable 50% administrative fee. By purchasing this ceremony, you are agreeing to this policy.