Satan Friendly Local Wedding Vendors

Looking for a photographer? Be sure to check out the excellent photographers we partner with at Salem Art Gallery.
- Alyse Grimm,
- Lightwitch / Courtney Brooke Hall
- Travis Alex Photo

Interested in videography? I'm thrilled to help! Reach out here and we can discuss further.

Our recommended caterer is Salem local Ferreira Foods. Please feel free to take a look at their menu and get inspired!

Hair and Makeup
We have several wonderful hair stylists and makeup artists we recommend.
- Julia Wirth - DM on Instagram (CounteractBooze) 
- Rebecca Rachael -

- Nicole Fortuna - Book through link in bio on Instagram (UnfairHair)

- Christine Casale - Text or call 617-777-2574

Ministers of Satan are excited to help put your simple floral together! We can help with bouquets and boutonnières. Learn more here: Minister of Satan Made Wedding Bouquets
Our floral partner is Helios Floral here in Salem. Take a look at their gorgeous artistry on their site and social.

Satanic Wedding Boutique
We are thrilled to announce our new boutique. Learn more and peruse our wares here.